Our Services

We specialise in business mediation in the field of industrial property protection. Disputes in this area may arise among partners or shareholders, among companies and in the field of commerce transactions between businesses.

Dr. Ralf-Dietmar Härer


Our services:

1. We will carry out the business mediation process ourselves:


  • We will act as a neutral mediator and will conduct a business mediation process according to the training standards of the Munich Chamber of Commerce and the European Institute for Conflict Management (EUCON). You can download the mediation agreement here.
  • We will be happy to conduct the mediation process together with the lawyer your are familiar with.

2. We will assist you if you want to take part in a business mediation process:


  • We will be at your side to assist you as experienced business mediators during the whole mediation process; we will be acting within the normal lawyer-client relationship in this case.

Taking disputes into your own hands will make things easier for you. Business mediation is here to help you.

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