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Hardly any other area of civil law holds as much conflict potential as real estate law, tenancy law or construction law. To provide you with the best legal advice our specialized lawyers are at your side.



Real estate law - from land purchase to real estate leasing

Property and real estate transactions involve a number of legal requirements, which must take into account special features in contracts. Especially when dealing with complex commercial real estate, purchase of real estate and real estate sales transactions where, later on, cost-effectiveness plays an important role.


We are pleased to advise and assist you in the entire field of real estate law, from the initiation and negotiation of business transactions through assistance with notarial certification to the registration of property rights and encumbrances on own or third party properties.


The need for advice and legal assistance in connection with real estate leasing is also becoming increasingly important. We are also pleased to assist you in this modern form of real estate use, in which, unlike rent or lease, you take an owner-like role, often with a purchase option, to become the actual owner of the property. The big advantage of real estate leasing, however, is that you do not pay a total purchase price at the beginning of the contract period, but comparatively low leasing rates. 

Tenancy law - from rent increase to the action for annulment

Due to the complex legal situation and extensive jurisdiction, tenancy law or lease law holds for both sides of the contract - the landlord / lessor as well as the tenant / leaseholder – many-faced issues and extensive consultation needs. In complex tenancy law, therefore, well-founded legal advice is advisable even before the conclusion of contracts of tenancy or lease, right up to their termination, in particular through timely, legally binding dismissals. Of course, our legal experts in tenancy law also support you with the exercise of rights, the assertion of claims and the observance of obligations during the tenancy.


Particularly in the case of contracts for commercial property and commercial space, there exists a very wide contractual space to manoeuver with few legal limits, however there are strict formal requirements whose disregard can expose a supposedly permanently concluded lease to the risk of premature termination. As a result, both the landlord and lessor as well as the tenant or lessee encounter flexible design opportunities - but also corresponding risks. Therefore, you should know your contractual options very well in the run-up to the financial statements and have them drafted professionally in order to avoid major economic risks with the necessary thoroughness.


In addition to the commercial particularities of tenancy law and lease law, home ownership law is also very complex and susceptible to litigation. Accordingly, we advise owners and home ownership law-administrators in legal questions and in case of problems or even in case of dispute - economically and solution-oriented.

Construction law - who is liable?

Especially in construction law, where it is usually about large sums and lengthy, complex processes, the controversial work-up of the construction process for all parties can be a tedious, gruelling mammoth process. In order to avoid this, self-contained proof procedures are an effective means of securing evidence and are the basis of successful claim prosecution or defence. For this foundation of a future, promising legal process, we advise contractors, property developers, architects, specialist engineers, craft enterprises and of course also private clients / clients in the initiation and execution of construction projects and in litigation, e.g. in warranty issues.

Our advice:

Safeguard yourself at every stage of the construction project under construction law. For example, general contractors are largely responsible to the client and stand between the client and their own subcontractors who perform the individual trades of the construction project. Furthermore, the architect is fully responsible and in turn stands between client and the construction company.

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