Patent law - protect your invention

Patents give you the right to stop others from copying your invention and contesting your market share. Patentable in Germany is everything that is commercially applicable and new, and is based on an inventive step. Through patents you can, for example, protect devices, arrangements, production equipment, individual parts of larger production facilities, household products, medical devices, electrical circuits, substances and processes, in particular manufacturing processes and new uses of known objects and substances for a certain purpose.



Portfolio of services in patent law

For more than 30 years, our law firm has been assisting companies and inventors in all matters relating to intellectual property and provides comprehensive advice in a large variety of fields of patent law, like:


  • German, European and international patent applications
  • Regionalisation of international patent applications in Europe, nationalisations and validations of European patents in various European countries
  • Filing of divisional applications, claiming priorities
  • Prosecution of examination proceedings before the German Patent and Trade Mark Office and before the European Patent Office
  • Monitoring and payment of annual fees
  • Defending and enforcing patents in Germany
  • Patent search, Freedom-to-operate search
  • Employee inventions and employee invention law
  • Inventor's rights and vindication
  • Lodging of oppositions against German and European patents and defending patent owners in opposition proceedings
  • Nullity actions

Patent law


Patent, Patents, Utility Patent, Utility Patents, Patent Application

Utility model law – protect your invention

Utility models have a similar effect like patents, but are registered more quickly without a comprehensive examination and therefore offer a faster way to stop infringers from copying your products. In general, a utility model offers the same protection as a patent, except methods, like manufacturing processes.


Service portfolio in utility model law

With their decades of experience, our patent attorneys will be pleased to advise you on the following topics in utility model law:


  • Preparation and filing of utility model applications
  • Claiming Priority
  • Utility model registrations
  • Branching off a utility model from a patent
  • Utility model searches
  • Utility model cancellation proceedings, oral proceedings
  • Maintenance fees

Utility model law


registered utility model, utility model

Infringement of industrial property rights –secure your claims

By infringing your industrial property rights and thus your intellectual property, your competitors gain unjustified advantages that can trigger claims for damages. You can therefore rely on specialized patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law who will safeguard your claims against competitors in the event of an infringement of your intellectual property rights and, if necessary, enforce them in court.



Service portfolio for infringement of intellectual property rights

Trust in the experience of our law firm, over 30 years of consulting experience and satisfied clients speak for themselves. We will advise you comprehensively on all of the following topics:


  • Collision of industrial property rights
  • Infringement of industrial property rights
  • Patent infringement
  • Patent infringement suit
  • Design infringement
  • Community design infringement
  • Authorization request
  • Warning letters
  • Patent infringement actions

Our lawyers can represent you before the following Courts and Patent Offices


Regional Court, Higher Regional Court, Federal Supreme Court, German Patent and Trademark Office, Federal Patent Court, European Patent Office, EUIPO, WIPO

License agreements - regulate the use of intellectual property rights

The granting of any rights of use for intellectual property rights is complex, and small discrepancies between licensee and licensor can result in serious consequences. Secure all aspects of use through detailed license agreements, for example, by regulating the manner of a licensed use, duration or royalties.



Service Portfolio License Agreements

More than 30 years of experience with license agreements create trust. We would be pleased to advise you comprehensively on licensing law, in particular on the following topics:


  • License agreement
  • Patent license agreement
  • Free right of use

Licensing law


Negotiating license agreements, drafting license agreements, rights of use.

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