Protect your ideas, designs & developments

Building up and maintaining an industrial property rights portfolio over the entire life of a company is one of the most important achievements of a company, regardless of its size. It is also one of the most neglected areas. This hidden value of a company is made up of its ideas, designs, technical developments, trademarks, and also of works that are protectable under copyright law. We will register industrial property rights inside and outside of Germany, and we will also monitor and administer these rights.


We specialise in defending and enforcing industrial property rights, both in and out of court, and are especially experienced in representing clients in industrial property disputes. We will represent your interests in Germany, and, together with our foreign partners, we will be at your side to help you with any issue under industrial property law that may arise internationally.

We will also advise you on the design and drafting of contracts, e.g. if you want to conclude licence, know-how or partnership agreements.

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