Inheritance and foresight during lifetime

The so-called legal succession rarely meets the expectations that one has of one's own succession. On the other hand, a wide variety of individual possibilities open up. We assist you in considering testamentary dispositions in a forward-looking manner e.g. with regard to existing rights and tax consequences. In doing so, we take care of your concerns both in the private sphere, as well as in the corporate sector, where it is necessary to avoid a scission of the company as a result of a death by appropriate regulations.


We have many years of experience in the


  • Execution of the will and
  • with regard to the special requirements to the draft of wills of parents of disabled children.

In addition, we also help our clients to take care of their own interests in the event of loss of legal competence, for example due to illness, accident or old age. For this purpose, we support you in the preparation of individualized living wills, care instructions and precautionary powers.



Focus on inheritance law 

  • Establishment, adaptation, revocation of so-called testamentary dispositions: testament (e.g. individual testament or spouse's testament / Berlin testament), testamentary contract, testament considering the rights of disabled children, bequests, division orders, conditions, arrangements in non-marital cohabitations
  • Execution of testaments
  • Representation in extrajudicial and judicial inheritance litigation
  • Establishment and clarification of the legal or testamentary succession
  • Dealing with inheritance liabilities
  • Enforcement and defence of mandatory and compulsory supplementary claims
  • Testamentary challenge and enforcement
  • Precautionary powers, care orders and living wills
  • Lifetime donations
  • Business succession

General Civil Law

There is also a need for advice and representation in all other areas of life in connection with the conclusion of contracts and the enforcement of claims and rights resulting from contracts as well as their termination.


As in all areas, we also advise companies and individuals in general civil law including the representation of the client extrajudicial as well as in litigation.


Consumer law is very influential and has to be observed by the entrepreneur (right of revocation, information rights, etc.) on the one hand. On the other hand, consumers can rely extensively on a favorable legal situation for them, if a commercial contractor does not comply with the legal requirements.



Extract of our competences in general civil law:

  • Purchase Contracts
  • Donations
  • Law of Torts
  • General terms and conditions
  • Loan agreements, etc.

The damage and liability law also falls under the term general civil law, for example in connection with traffic accidents.

Your contact for general civil law and inheritance law:


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