Time-tested and up to date

What used to be a traditional law firm, mainly concerned with pleading its clients' cases in court, has evolved into a modern law firm offering a whole range of services. In our present setup, lawyers and patent attorneys routinely cooperate across disciplines to serve their clients.

As a modern provider of legal services, we focus on conflict resolution and specialise in framing legal arrangements for, and giving comprehensive advice on, measures designed to prevent disputes. We also conduct and accompany arbitration and mediation processes that will help you resolve disputes in a constructive and swift manner.

We advise companies that are seeking solutions to complex commercial issues. A personal legal adviser who is familiar with the company's issues will be assigned to each client. Should the need arise, your personal adviser will be supported by specialist lawyers.



We provide one-stop interdisciplinary advice to clients across a whole range of legal and commercial issues by putting together teams of experts for special cases, and we complement this special advice with the personal assistance that clients receive from their personal lawyer. Because of the way we work, we have built up many long-lasting relationships of trust. Clients will especially benefit from the broad range of services that the law firm and its external partners offer.

Companies of all sizes, and many private individuals, place their trust in our professional and personalised support.

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