Competition law, copyright law and press law

Our law firm can look back on 30 years of successful practice in the fields of competition law, copyright law and press law and provides you with comprehensive advice. Please find a selection of our services below:



Competition law

Competition law is strictly regulated. Violations can result in warning letters and court proceedings. This regularly creates high costs which, however, have to be born only by the rightly warned, for example, in illegal pricing or even in misleading advertising. Our competition law experts will gladly assist you with warning letters for competition violations or of course in the opposite case, namely in the defence against warning letters.


Copyright infringements are a daily occurrence in the digital age and regularly cause warning letters, e.g. for unauthorized use of images or texts, as well as for file sharing. Our experienced copyright experts will gladly assist you in creating warning letters for copyright claims or in the defence of a suspected illegitimate warning letters. Our tip: Obtain basic legal assistance upon receipt of a warning letter, as even justified warning letters may contain too high demands.

Press law - reporting within the allowed

In the reporting legal disputes can quickly arise from the wrongly used image to the charge of abusive criticism. Our experienced press law experts are at your side both in and out of court, both in defending allegedly unjustified allegations and in enforcing legal claims.

Accompanying the above-mentioned topics, we support you in the area of competition law, copyright law and press law with:


  • Advice on and preparation of warning letters
  • Legal proceedings, interim injunctions
  • Request for and advice on revocations and counter-notifications
  • Advice on the design of advertising texts and press articles
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Sequestration at the border
  • License agreements
  • Accompanying marketing and advertising activities
  • Check website content

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