Experts for your company

We will support you during the establishment phase of your company by, for instance, advising you on the articles of association. While you are looking to settle on a company or brand name, we will be at your side to help prevent future disputes with third parties. Before you decide on a name, we will provide you with research and expert opinions.

We will also support you in your day-to-day business operations. We will help you in founding, enforcing or defending a claim; we will prepare any contracts you want to conclude with your customers, suppliers or partners. We will also help you expand your business and manage your employee relationships. You will benefit from our experience of acting as a mediator and in drafting the relevant agreements. Drafting commercial agreements for a company is a sensitive area where we excel, because we thoroughly acquaint ourselves with the issues a company is facing. You can trust us to look after your interests whenever we support you with advice.



Any agreement we draft will be prepared for you personally and tailored to meet your company's mission. We will, for instance, draft employment or tenancy agreements that will form the basis of your business, or general terms and conditions that your purchasing or sales departments want to use to establish a standard way of executing business processes.

A carefully prepared succession plan will help ensure that the transfer of your business or of its leadership will not lead to disruption. We will draw up the appropriate plan, and will closely cooperate with the owners in doing so.

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