We advise and represent professionals and private individuals

We will bear in mind the specific requirements of the liberal professions, e.g. medical practitioners, architects and tax consultants, when we serve you as a professional. We will help lay the foundations according to the law of associations that will enable your partnership to be successful in day-to-day business. We will also draft any agreements that relate to each partner's specific activity. While advising and representing you as a client, we will always keep an eye on the specific business situation of your practice.

We will also advise you on any civil law issues that you may encounter, e.g. claims settlement; issues relating to tenancy or accommodation; if you wish to build a property or buy real estate; if you want to invest; or if you need to be advised on labour law or any disputes that may arise under labour law. Our job is to found, secure and enforce legal claims under an existing agreement.




Giving advice on cases involving the law of succession has been a core area of our work for decades. We will help you to draft your last will and testament and will be at your side in case you need to execute a will or administer an estate. If your entitlement to an inheritance, or to a compulsory portion thereof, is disputed, we will represent you and help you enforce your claims.


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