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Trademarks are your most important flagships in a globalized world. As product-related signs of individualization, trademarks are the best way to stand out from the competition and inform consumers about your products. Trademarks today often make up a significant part of the value of a business, which, like all valuable assets, does not arise on its own nor grow or sustain without regular care of the trademarks.


Why trademark protection?

In addition to active protection against imitators, registered trademarks also offer passive protection against attacks by third parties:


No right of prior use:

unlike in design and patent law, there is no prior rights of use in trademark law. This means that the proprietor of a registered trademark may prohibit the use of a conflicting mark in IP right infringements even if it has been used for several years.


Intermediate rights:

If a sign is filed as a trademark at a time when an older conflicting sign was ready to be deleted due to a lack of genuine use, a so-called intermediate right arises. This means that if the owner of the earlier mark resumes its use after the priority date of the later conflicting mark, the use of the younger mark cannot be prohibited.


It is different if the mark is not registered. If the use of the trademark is resumed, the trademark owner may prohibit the user not flanked by trademark protection from continuing to use the trademark.



Service portfolio in trademark law:

Our law firm looks back on 30 years of successful consulting practice in trademark law and advises you comprehensively in all areas of trademark law, in particular:


  • Research on word marks and figurative marks, company names and title protection
  • Advice on and preparation of warning letters
  • Naming (company and business name, product labeling)
  • Trademark applications (DE, EU, IR, coordination of national foreign applications)
  • Litigation (national / European Court of Justice)
  • Proceedings before the DPMA / EUIPO Offices
  • Management of IP portfolios
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Border and customs seizure
  • Delimitation/coexistence agreements
  • License agreements
  • Accompanying marketing and advertising activities
  • Checking website contents

Design law - secure your designs

Design law draws wide circles from the digital design to the variety of physical products. Possible infringements by third parties, contentious issues that require legal clarification, as well as measures to defend themselves are equally diverse.


Why is design law important?

Design right closes an important gap in copyright law and protects all craft design services that do not achieve the necessary level of copyright creation. While copyright automatically applies to creation, design law, for example, must safeguard protection for designs through the classic design application.

Service portfolio in design law

With more than 30 years of experience, our law firm successfully assures your rights and assists you in all aspects of design law, in particular:


  • Research on designs, community designs, shapes
  • Registration of Community Designs and Designs
  • Advice on and preparation of warnings
  • Design application (DE, EU, IR, coordination of national foreign applications)
  • Conduct proceedings before the DPMA / EUIPO Offices
  • Management of IP portfolios
  • Strategy consulting
  • Carrying out infringement and collision procedures
  • Border and customs seizure
  • License agreements
  • Accompanying marketing and advertising activities
  • Checking website contents
  • Claiming priority

Intellectual Property rights infringement - secure your claims

Every day, intellectual property rights are infringed somewhere in Germany - especially on the Internet. Rely on specialized lawyers who secure your claims in the event of property rights infringement and enforce them if necessary.



Service Portfolio Intellectual Property Rights Infringement

Trust the experience of our law firm - over 30 years of consulting practice and satisfied clients speak for themselves. We advise you comprehensively on all issues of industrial property rights infringement, in particular:


  • Violation of property rights
  • Protection Law collision
  • Patent infringement
  • Design injury
  • Community design infringement
  • Authorization request
  • Warning
  • Legal action
  • Patent infringement suit

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